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  • Литература - Отзывы экспертов - 13-я Национальная монопородная выставка ранга ЧК - 19.02.2012

    13-я Национальная монопородная выставка ранга ЧК - 19.02.2012

    Ссылка на результаты выставки

    I still have the flu , probably from Moscow ... but I came home high spirit after the last weekend in Moscow.

    I had the pleasure to judge excellent entry and excellent quality mini pinschers in your specialty. Considering the fact I awarded only 1 good you can assume the quality was excellent. when I've looked again in the photo of the BOB you've kindly sent me I was happy about my choice - she is a really a good model of this breed. a real dog with elegance, beautiful head , excellent proportions and sound movement. Probably you all noticed I insisted upon correct movement. Actually this was the main fault I've found in quite a lot of beautiful dogs. while in standing and moving from the side they were excellent , their front movement was quite moderate with a bit of dancing or swinging front hindlegs. some were a bit o shaped behind but most moved balanced and parallel. 

    I didn't got the catalog , even if I would - it is in Russian.. but I was pleased to hear that so many "Bet Hamayan" dogs from David Efrat of Kibutz Ein Haroresh in Israel were behind the pedigree of so many of the exhibited dogs. 

    It is really an Israeli Pride to see the great influence of this great breeder on the breed every where. I've known David and his breeding for 40 years now , and it seems there are no miracles in dog breeding - just hard work and persistence !

    I enjoyed the show , the atmosphere around the ring , your club seems well organized , beautiful trophies , and above all excellent handlers and excellent dogs. Thank you for this opportunity and please forward my words to your club members. 

    yours sincerely
    Zafra Sirik

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